The First Tier Tribunal (FTT) has published its findings in respect of North Lincolnshire and Goole NHS Foundation Trust appeal.

This is encouraging news for NHS Trusts which still have outstanding ‘Fleming’ VAT claims which are dependent upon HMRC accepting ‘entitlement’.

We submitted claims to HMRC on our client’s behalf back in 2009, for various types of overpaid or under recovered VAT dating as far back as 1973. This was following the judgment of the House of Lords in the joined cases of Fleming/Condé Nast in 2008, which found that the way HMRC introduced the capping provisions (back in 1996 and 1997) had been unlawful at the time. These were commonly referred to as the ‘Fleming claims’.

Some of these claims have already been paid in part, in particular those for overpaid catering output tax, but only where HMRC agreed the quantum of the claim and the entitlement from the date of the Trust formation.

Claims for earlier periods were rejected on the grounds that HMRC did not believe the entitlement for earlier periods relating to predecessor NHS bodes was transferred to the Trusts.

Other types of claims were rejected in full, in particular, those for input VAT on drugs and prostheses supplied to private patients, (referred to as Wellington/BUPA VAT claims). This was following the Nuffield FTT decision in 2013 where HMRC’s argument that these claims were invalid was upheld. The Nuffield appeal was the lead case for all appeals against HMRC’s rejection of the drugs and prostheses claims, including NHS appeals.

The North Lincoln and Goole case was the lead case dealing with the question of whether there was a transfer of rights to VAT claims from predecessor bodies to the current NHS Trust.

Therefore, any Trust with an outstanding claim which is dependent upon the entitlement issue could now receive a further VAT refund.

HMRC could still seek to argue that this does not set a precedent, but we will let you know as soon as HMRC’s view of the decision to the wider NHS becomes known. If HMRC does now agree that this decision has wider application for the NHS, we will make arrangements to agree the quantum of the claims now due to our clients.