Employment Taxes

Are you paying too much?

With a record £2billion deficit anticipated across the NHS for 2015/16, NHS and Foundation Trusts are continually challenged to find any possible area of cost saving. The biggest single annual cost faced by every Trust relates to the employment of staff. The PAYE, national insurance contributions and pension paid by NHS employers represents a significant proportion of these costs.

In terms of indirect taxation, the now familiar model within the NHS involves commissioning NHS VAT specialists to undertake COS reviews and re-reviews. This operating model works successfully in identifying all the VAT that can be recovered, with Trusts normally paying for the services on a contingent fee basis.

Given the success of this model for VAT, CRS believes that it should now be rolled out for employment taxes and related costs. Our expert employment tax consultants believe there are areas where many Trusts are simply overpaying employment taxes and/or opportunities for minimising employment costs are being ignored.

We are therefore pleased to announce our new service:

The Employment Taxes Cost Saving Review

This review will be carried out by one of our senior employment taxes specialists. Having sent out a prior ‘records request’, the consultant will visit the appropriate Trust location and speak with those who have responsibility for payroll, staff benefits, payments to temporary staff and termination payments. The discussions will be aimed at a high level but specific records will be reviewed while on site.

Our review is designed to identify specific cost saving areas, so we will not be in a position to address any compliance concerns during the process.

We anticipate that the initial on-site review will be completed within one day, therefore minimising the inconvenience to Trust staff. Our consultants will produce a report detailing any cost saving opportunities identified.