HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) has today announced some further easements in VAT accounting for the NHS due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation.
Full details of the easements are shown on the attached letter, but to summarise:
COS VAT estimation
It has been recognised that some organisations may not be able to submit accurate COS VAT claims.
Requests for estimations must therefore be made in advance of the due date for the return, with a proposed end date.  HMRC accepts that the end date may need amending due to the ongoing uncertainty.
HMRC has suggested the easiest and most reasonable method of estimation will be based on a representative period.
HMRC is still considering estimations for (business) input tax and output tax and will advise further in due course.  
6 month COS VAT extension
The annual COS VAT deadline for 2019/20 has been extended from the June 2020 VAT return to the December 2020 VAT return, (filing date 7th February 2021).  
This means that COS VAT incurred on invoices dated within 2019/20 can be claimed on any return up to December 2020.
This is a one-off extension, but will be reviewed given the current uncertainty surrounding COVID-19.
HMRC has not made any specific mention of an extension to end-of-year business and partial exemption adjustments, which themselves include end-of-year COS VAT adjustments, but we are awaiting further clarification of this point.

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