We would like to draw your attention to a potential opportunity for your NHS organisation to benefit from additional retrospective VAT refunds.

The table below represents a small selection of VAT review exercises that CRS VAT Consulting have recently carried out. In each and every case, a review had already been completed by previous VAT consultants but we identified ADDITIONAL VAT SAVINGS over and above those previously recovered.

NHS Organisation’s
Annual Turnover
Previous VAT Claim Additional Claim
Approved by Customs
Percentage Increase
£92m £14,875 £28,770 193%
£62m £72,565 £12,599 17%
£65m £1,730 £108,680 6282%
£71m £52,710 £72,842 138%

We are able to identify these additional savings because of our specialist NHS knowledge, innovative VAT solutions and attention to detail in areas often overlooked. All of these additional claims have been approved by Customs and we can provide references from our clients if required.